SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It means whenever a person visits a search engine like Google or Yahoo, The search engine shows the most relevant listings first. Normally, a customer visits only the 1st page of search engine and gets converted to the top listings there. We, as Digidapper, optimise your business site and use SEO techniques to enhance the site ranking. The site starts appearing on the top during Google search and hence the opportunity to convert a customer enhances.


SMO stands for Social Media Optimisation. The world is connected through Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and many more. SMO uses tools and techniques to make a business active on all social platforms and then uses these platforms to market the product and bring customers on board. SMM uses different tools to Reach a customer, Generate leads, and enhance customer conversions.


PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Google Adwords is the Biggest platform for advertisement today. Whenever a person searches for a particular product on Google, he comes across various advertisements on the top of Search Engine page result. When the customer clicks the ad, only then the business is charged money. There is 20-23% conversion rate through PPC medium.